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Freelance and contract talent, filtered by field location and skills.

Colist helps to connect people

Colist makes it easy to find the person you need and to manage your contacts.

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Build the perfect team for your project

  • Find people for long or short term contracts and freelance projects.
  • Filter talent by city and country.
  • View their rates and currency at a glance.
  • See their skills & portfolio.
  • Deal directly with the contractor, we just help you find them.

The clients find you.

  • Get discovered.

    Be discovered by hundreds of amazing design agencies and businesses looking for talent. List your hours and find both in house and remote opportunities.

  • Be remembered.

    You may not be needed right now but agencies can save you for later within Colist.

  • Invoice your client's directly.

    We don’t take your money and you’re not hired through us, we just connect you.

How it works


Filter the list by type, skills, and location.

After you signup for a business account and setup your business profile, you can view the list of contractors and filter to fit your needs.


Save your favourites and hit them up

A simple overview of the information you need to make the process easier. When you find someone that fits your needs, you can save them to your contacts. Like someone's work or services? Give them a heart! You contact the contractors directly from their profile, you can email them, call them or connect on socials.


Setup your profile

Signup for a contractor account and complete your profile. If you’re a designer make sure to upload images for your portfolio and link to your portfolio website.


Get discovered

You will show up for businesses, agencies, startups and recruiters looking for people with your talents or even within your location. They can give you a heart to show that they like your work, and save you to contact later.

Get started today, it’s free!

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